Level 256 International

Together, let’s contribute to development
sustainable esports for and by everyone

Paris&Co, the innovation and economic development agency of Paris and the metropolis has chosen to develop esports by developing its own innovation platform: Level 256, notably because of the City of Paris’ desire to offer a programme that includes esports in its long-term strategy to Parisians.

Level 256 is not only an incubator but also a real hub for the different stakeholders of esports today, combining public, private and associative sectors. It is a testing ground for the entire esports ecosystem because it wants to see all the players take possession of this Parisian House of Esports: entrepreneurs, major accounts, professional teams or even neighbourhood associations in order to allow esports to become part of the life of Parisians.

The objective of this place: To contribute to the development of a sustainable esports for and by all.

The Parisian house of Esports,
a World’s premiere

For this purpose, the House of Esports (operated by Level 256 of Paris&Co) offers spaces designed and entirely renovated thanks to the Participatory Budget of the City of Paris for the different actors of the esport sector:

  • The Level 256 platform: a place of innovation and economic development for esport
    an open space and meeting rooms that represents 350m2 for entrepreneurs as well as coworking to meet and exchange on innovation in esport and economic development of the sector,
  • Shared spaces (650m2) to contribute to the development of sport for and by all.
    – an Arena with a capacity of 100 people fully equipped with a 5x3m LED screen as well as 2 totems of 3x1m and a circular screen to host events, including professional or amateur competitions with a dedicated control room & its technical bridges and a catering area.
    – a practice room for associations and teams with 20 high performance PCs and 26 consoles (PS4/Switch) to encourage practice, support the development of educators, awareness / prevention of practice and the various social issues of esport (gender mix, disability, intergenerational links etc)
    – as well as a training room (also called bootcamp room) for the professional or amateur teams equipped with 7 PCs last generation and a screen for the preparations of competitions, etc.

These spaces are fully bookable on request on this website. A real place to live in the heart of the 20th district of Paris for all the players who are the esport of tomorrow!

If you’re interested by renting one of our spaces,
feel free to send an email to level256@gozulting.com