Together, let’s contribute to the sustainable
development of esports by and for all.


dedicated to shared spaces for esports development

An 100 capacity, fully equipped arena ; a practice room for teams and associations and a training room for professionnal or amateur teams.

in the heart of the
City of Paris

All conveniences located nearby to satisfy your needs (hotels, restaurants, public transit, etc.) and only 30km away from both airports (Roissy CDG, Paris Orly)


dedicated to esports

An open space and meeting rooms for entrepreneurs and coworkers encouraging innovation and the economic development of esports.




These are dedicated spaces in Paris’ 20th district, fully bookable on this website
A real place to live in the heart of the 20th district of Paris for all the players who are the esport of tomorrow!

If you’re interested in booking,
send us an email at !

Want to know more about Level 256 ?

Paris&Co, the innovation and economic development agency of Paris and the metropolis has chosen to develop esports by developing its own innovation platform: Level 256, notably because of the City of Paris’ desire to offer a programme that includes esports in its long-term strategy to Parisians.

Level 256 is not only an incubator but also a real hub for the different stakeholders of esports today, combining public, private and associative sectors. It is a testing ground for the entire esports ecosystem because it wants to see all the players take possession of this Parisian House of Esports: entrepreneurs, major accounts, professional teams or even neighbourhood associations in order to allow esports to become part of the life of Parisians.